Magento 2 development

This is our flagship platform for building B2B and B2C online stores.

Magento 2
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How we assist you

Magento 2 is our flagship technology, empowering businesses like yours to increase online sales.

  • Magento Implementations - consulting

    Technological Consulting

    Not sure if Magento implementation is right for you? We’ll help you match the technology to your business needs. We’ll show you how to integrate all systems to operate as one efficient organism.

  • Magento Implementations - migration

    Migrations from Other Platforms

    Is your current platform not keeping up? Need a stronger and more future-proof technology? Transition with us to Magento. Get rid of technological debt and grow your e-commerce sales!

  • Magento Implementations - new store

    Magento Implementations from Scratch

    Looking to launch online sales for individuals or businesses? We’ll handle the store construction from A to Z. We’ll integrate it with your ERP and CRM. We’ll also support you in optimizing UX, marketing, and branding.

  • Magento Implementations - rescue

    Rescuing Magento Implementations

    Is your current Magento agency falling short? Communication issues and lack of quality? We’ve taken over dozens of projects and successfully brought them back on track. We can handle it!

  • Magento Implementations - development

    Magento Development

    We know how to grow sales on Magento. We’ll help you develop a strategic plan for the future growth of your e-commerce for years to come.

  • Magento Implementations - integrations

    Magento Integrations

    We’ll connect your store or B2B platform with the internal and external e-commerce ecosystem. We’ll build custom Magento integrations if needed.

<Piotr Gawot

Empowering leaders

Magento is a powerful tool in capable hands. I see it as an intelligent choice for any business aiming for unlimited growth. Choose Magento and take your place among the industry leaders!

Magento shops in numbers

Adobe eCommerce solution has earned a worldwide recognition:

  • 250k

    B2B and B2C webstores are running on Magento
  • 5k

    plugins and extensions are available
  • 155B

    dollars of income every year

How do we do it?

We believe in your business and provide you with our expertise, knowledge, and the right tools. Let’s break barriers in e-Commerce together!

  • We’ve got the plan

    Your business goals matter the most. The development process built upon this commitment sets us apart from the rest.

    See the proces

  • We’ve got the skills

    We’ve been working with Magento shops for more than 12 years and know it inside out. That’s why we can handle even the most complex projects with confidence and ease.

    See our portfolio

Case study - Briju
Success story


Fast, functional, and user-friendly B2C jewelry store. Improved conversion rate and a three-digit YoY growth.

See the project

„“We are impressed with their deep understanding of our business and commitment to our goals. It’s rare to find a vendor not focused on selling their services at any cost but on giving honest opinions and bringing real value.”

Tomasz Cynar

E-Commerce Manager, Briju 1920


  • How much do Magento development cost?

    It’s hard to say exactly, without knowing your business needs. Let’s talk and find out the budget together. Keep in mind that Magento development is usually suitable for medium and large companies.

  • What is Magento PWA?

    It’s a set of modern rules and standards for mobile-friendly web development.

  • Magento shops are said to be an open source. What does it really mean?

    It means that it’s free. There is a paid version known as Adobe Commerce, but we chose to build Magento shopes solely with the free edition. Open source gives you freedom of choice when it comes to vendors.

  • How much does it take to develop a Magento shop?

    Every project has its specific timeline. Typically, Magento shops require work calculated in quarters. However, this does not mean that you have to wait that long to start selling. In our projects, we recommend building an MVP version, as we did with the Briju jewelery store in just 2 months.

  • What brands have a Magento shop?

    Among B2C companies based on this engine, you will find brands such as Ford, Jaguar, Nike, or Coca-Cola Magento also supports well-known B2B brands. In short, they are leaders in their industries, dealing with millions of dollars, euros and pounds.

  • What Magento development projects have you done?

    We have large B2B and B2C brands in our portfolio. The most interesting example is the development of a new Magento shop for Briju1920 – a well-known jewelry brand. Read more about it in the case study.

  • Do you also take care of maintenance?

    Not only maintenance, but also shop expansion. We often take over existing Magento shops to finalize their implementation or work on further expansion.

  • Do you support customers in their marketing activities?

    Absolutely! Magento development is just one part of the whole business puzzle. We have skills in UX design, marketing, and brand building. We can perform a UX audit of your store and indicate key areas for improvement. We will also support you in organizing brand communication.

  • I already have a Magento shop, but it’s an old version. How can you help?

    This is a very common question in the market. We can upgrade your software version while preserving compatibility with existing integrations. If you have a store on Magento 1, the project is in fact a Magento 2 development from scratch.

  • What about the Omnibus Directive? Will m store be compliant with it?

    Yes! For current customers, we have developed a special price management module.

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