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Magento 2 development

This is our flagship platform for building B2B and B2C online stores.

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Magento 2 – for what?

For large-scale projects with potential. For B2C and B2B companies aiming for more complex and flexible solutions. A great choice for those not willing to commit to a single vendor. Magento’s modular architecture makes it easy to adapt to your business needs.

  • Magento 2 - leader

    Follow the leader

    Magento 2 holds a leadership position in the e-Commerce software world. Hundreds of thousands of companies over the world have chosen this open-source platform as the main online business driver. Moreover, building your e-Commerce on Magento doesn’t limit your options as its development can be taken over by any team qualified for the task. Join the vivid Magento e-Commerce community and benefit from thousands of modules, extensions, and templates.

  • Magento 2 - ambition

    Aim for the stars

    Having a clear and bold vision of your e-Commerce is admirable. Now it’s time to bring your ambition to life! Magento shines when it comes to audacious and scalable projects. The platform easily outperforms popular software as a service (SaaS) solutions and handles dynamic growth of users, products, and orders in any business.

  • Magento 2 - mobile

    Be mobile-first

    We use Magento PWA to make your B2C and B2B stores fast, reliable and easy to use on mobile devices. Give the ‘digital generation’ shopping experience they expect and deserve.

  • Magento 2 - integrations

    Connect and integrate

    There is no time for half-measures when it comes to the digital transformation of your business. Magento can be interconnected with internal software such as CRM, ERP, or PIM. Make it work smoothly with your marketplace account and warehouse system.

Rafał Komasara

Empowering leaders

Magento is a powerful tool in capable hands. I see it as an intelligent choice for any business aiming for unlimited growth. Choose Magento and take your place among the industry leaders!

Magento 2 in numbers

Adobe e-Commerce solution has earned worldwide recognition:

  • 250k

    B2B and B2C webstores are running on Magento
  • 5k

    plugins and extensions are available
  • 155B

    dollars of income every year

How do we do it?

We believe in your business and provide you with our expertise, knowledge, and the right tools. Let’s break barriers in e-Commerce together!

  • We’ve got the plan

    Your business goals matter the most. The development process built upon this commitment sets us apart from the rest.

  • We’ve got the skills

    We’ve been working with Magento for more than 11 years and know it inside out. That’s why we can handle even the most complex projects with confidence and ease.

Case study - Briju
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Fast, functional, and user-friendly B2C jewelry store. Improved conversion rate and a three-digit YoY growth.

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