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Global commerce has moved online. Time for you to do the same.

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The pandemic has accelerated the inevitable – digital transformation of the sector. People got used to shopping online and loved its convenience and accessibility. Does your business address their needs?

  • E-Commerce B2C - future

    Look ahead

    Because your customers are looking at the mobile screen. And they expect a convenient, fast and mobile-native shopping experience. If you fail to deliver that… well, the competition is just one click away.

  • E-Commerce B2C - customers

    Reach new clients

    E-commerce has become an inter-generational experience. Millennials, their parents, and grandparents, not to mention a digital-native generation Z – all love to shop online. Reach out to them and win their hearts with your offer.

  • E-Commerce B2C - work smarter

    Work smarter

    Automate your work, and scale your business. Connect your e-Commerce with marketplaces and reach a wider audience. Organize the data flow by connecting your e-Commerce B2C platform with ERP, CRM or WMS.

  • E-Commerce B2C - knowledge

    Get first-hand knowledge

    Selling online lets you learn everything about your customers. Discover their habits, preferences, and priorities. Build your business strategy on hard data.

Marek Kich

B2C e-Commerce is growing rapidly

Experts and analysis are clear – people love online shopping. And even if they are not buying anything – they search, compare, and get inspired. You either accompany them on every step they take or… you let your competitor do just that. It’s a race you cannot lose.

Hard data

The era of e-Commerce has come:

  • 57%

    of spending is currently online
    (accelerated by the pandemic)
  • 60%

    of global shoppers said they will
    increase their usage of digital
    shopping channels in the future
  • 60%

    of global shoppers said they prefer
    to shop with a retailer or brand
    that has both digital and physical store


Why with us?

We are a highly experienced team combining tech, sales and marketing skills. This is the only way to lead clients to victories in the competitive B2C market.

  • Experience

    Our story is a tale of true e-Commerce heroes we’ve been helping for over a decade. We strive to break all barriers standing between them and the ultimate business victory. And we’ve got something for ourselves as well – a priceless experience.

  • Attitude

    Writing good code is NOT what’s in the heart of every B2C project. It’s about opening your business to a brand new sales channel with a good ROI. We work having your business goals in mind.

Case study - Briju
Success story


Fast, functional, and user-friendly B2C jewelry store. Improved conversion rate and a three-digit YoY growth.

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