PIM system implementation

Bring order to your product information.

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How we assist you

PIM is a multimedia product database in e-Commerce. Spreadsheet and manual writing are things of the past.

  • PIM Implementations - information architecture

    Information Architecture

    With our assistance, you’ll design the flow of product information within your organization.

  • PIM Implementations

    PIM Implementation

    At the core of everything – we’ll implement modern Product Information Management software.

  • PIM Implementations - support

    Organization Support

    We’ll show you how to efficiently use PIM for simpler, cheaper, and more efficient work in e-Commerce.

  • PIM Implementations - configuration

    Advanced Configuration

    We transfer the structure of product descriptions to the PIM environment.

  • PIM Implementations - integrations

    PIM Integrations

    We integrate PIM software with key elements of your business.

  • PIM Implementations - customizations


    Every business has its specific needs. We’re eager to address yours.

Piotr Gawot

Don’t neglect it!

Sometimes shopping online is not a piece of cake. You can’t touch the product. You are not able to try it on. That’s why e-retailers should always deliver high-quality product descriptions and images. And that’s where PIM software shines.

Hard data

What do consumers say?

  • 51%

    of consumers are willing to pay more for complete and good quality information on a product
  • 66%

    of consumers would cease buying a brand due to bad product information experience
  • 70%

    of consumers agree that brands
    could do more to improve product information to support their purchase decision


Why with us?

You can count on our full commitment right from the start. We will never promise you something impossible or unreal. No more unpleasant surprises for you.

  • Expierience

    We’ve successfully implemented PIM software for many renowned brands such as Expondo (international marketplace) and Danhoss (party gadgets manufacturer).

  • Attitude

    We look at your business through your eyes. Our ultimate goal is to recommend you an optimal PIM system to fit the scale of your business operations.

Client feedback

  • “The intuitive platform has facilitated a rapid business expansion through reliable automation, thanks to Satisfly’s technical skills. The team’s proactive workflow, consistent communication, and impressive designs continue to drive success.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek CEO, DecoKing
  • “Satisfly has delivered a headless Magento shop with excellent speed and responsive design, which has helped increase conversion rate and achieve triple-digit growth. They follow an agile methodology and provide daily updates. Their keen understanding, commitment, and honesty are notable.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek E-Commerce Manager, Briju
  • “Both customers and employees have praised the app’s reliable synergy and intuitive UX/UI design. Satisfly’s impressive communication skills, industry-specific awareness, and seamless integration continue to promote efficiency.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek Director of Development & Technology, TIM SA
Case study - Carpeto PIM
Success story


Akeneo PIM implementation. Fully organized product information.

See the project


  • What is a PIM system?

    PIM is a multimedia database of all product information – images, texts, videos, parameters, etc. – available to the entire e-commerce ecosystem. This means that up-to-date, rich data is available in the online store, marketplace or ERP environment at any given moment.

  • How to implement a PIM system?

    It is best to do it through an implementation agency such as Satisfly. From the very beginning of the collaboration, we focus on full engagement – from both sides. This is a proven recipe for success in every project.

  • How long does it take to implement a PIM system?

    There is no one answer to this question. At the beginning of each project, we carry out a technological and business analysis, thanks to which we are able to estimate the project budget. This depends on factors such as the number of product indices, the complexity of their descriptions, and the structure of your e-commerce ecosystem.

  • With which e-commerce platforms do you integrate PIM software?

    First and foremost, with Magento, as this is the engine we specialize in. Magento can be implemented in the composable commerce approach, and as a result, backend microservices, such as PIM systems, can be easily integrated.

  • What PIM software solutions exist on the market?

    There are several noteworthy solutions, including the two most popular – Pimcore and Akeneo. At Satisfly, we specialize in implementations of the latter PIM system.

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