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Simply put, Product Information Management is a multimedia database of things you sell online. If you feel that doing everything by hand is a waste of time, let’s talk about implementing PIM in your organization!

  • PIM - growth

    Sell more

    Do you know what’s killing your conversion rate? Laconic, outdated, or incorrect product descriptions. Make sure your customer experience is top-notch. Save money with happier and better-informed customers.

  • PIM - omnichannel

    Be everywhere

    Selling both online and offline? Make sure your product data is unified and automatically updated. The PIM-class software lets you integrate and unify descriptions, parameters, and translations on every channel.

  • PIM - efficiency

    Work smarter

    Thousands of goods in stock? Tens of parameters and variations of each product? That’s where a simple spreadsheet doesn’t cut it anymore. Make sure your employees work effectively. Scale your e-Commerce faster.

  • PIM - integrations

    Build your organization

    The PIM-class software is a vital part of the business bloodstream, connected with ERP and/or warehouse systems.

Piotr Gawot

Don’t neglect it!

Sometimes shopping online is not a piece of cake. You can’t touch the product. You are not able to try it on. That’s why e-retailers should always deliver high-quality product descriptions and images. And that’s where PIM software shines.

Hard data

What do consumers say?

  • 51%

    of consumers are willing to pay more for complete and good quality information on a product
  • 66%

    of consumers would cease buying a brand due to bad product information experience
  • 70%

    of consumers agree that brands
    could do more to improve product information to support their purchase decision


Why with us?

You can count on our full commitment right from the start. We will never promise you something impossible or unreal. No more unpleasant surprises for you.

  • Expierience

    We’ve successfully implemented PIM solutions for many renowned brands such as Expondo (international marketplace) and Danhoss (party gadgets manufacturer).

  • Attitude

    We look at your business through your eyes. Our ultimate goal is to recommend you an optimal PIM solution to fit the scale of your business operations.

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