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8 typical problems during e-Commerce development

The development of an online store rarely goes as smoothly as butter. Of course, it will be easier for small e-commerce businesses. A small system means faster implementation and fewer chances for something to go wrong. However, even with simple stores based on SaaS platforms, problems arise. Some of them lie on the side of […]

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European Accessibility Act – How it affects Your e-Commerce?

According to WHO (World Health Organization) data, 1.3 billion people live with disabilities. That’s 16% of the population. Unfortunately, many places in the digital space (including e-Commerce sites) are still not adapted to meet the needs of these individuals. The European Union has decided to change this by enacting the European Accessibility Act. What changes […]

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Shopware vs Magento

What to choose – Shopware or Magento? Which platform is better? Which one is cheaper? Which one is the king of large e-commerce, and which one is a contender for the throne? There are more and more discussions like these in the industry, so it’s time to delve into the topic. Why are we comparing […]

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B2B platform – Do you really need It?

The B2B market is undergoing a true transformation. The field that once relied on phones and meticulously crafted Excel spreadsheets is evolving. The pandemic, which began in 2020 and continues in some form to this day, has forced many businesses to make changes. Trading companies, as well as others, had to enter the realm of […]

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Why are Magento B2B platforms so popular?

The B2B market landscape is evolving, and an increasing number of companies in this sector are moving their operations, at least partially, to the Internet. According to the B2B e-Commerce Now 2022 report, already 41% of companies have sales platforms. While there are still quite a few businesses in the market that resist this change, […]

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Magento versus dedicated platforms

A store built from scratch specifically for you is the only option to perfectly tailor an e-Commerce platform to your business needs? Not necessarily. Open-source solutions provide a great alternative to dedicated online stores. If you have your own online store based on custom code, there’s a good chance it has caused you numerous problems. […]

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Composable commerce – what is it and how can it impact your business

Changing trends, ever-evolving technologies and systems, and increasingly high customer demands are the daily bread of every online store that wants to stay current and continuously grow its business. In such a dynamic industry, it’s difficult to keep up with both the competition and the changing needs of customers, especially while maintaining costs at a […]

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E-commerce platforms – ranking

Choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business is a tough nut to crack. The dream of many e-commerce managers starting a new project or planning to migrate their store is to search on Google for “e-commerce platform rankings” and get a clear answer to the question of which existing platform is the best. Unfortunately, […]

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When Magento is not a good choice

There is a certain practice among e-commerce agencies that infuriates us. It involves forcefully pushing a technology on the client, just because the agency specializes in it. However, the decision to choose a platform should be solely motivated by the business needs and capabilities of the client. That’s why today we will go against the […]

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How much does Magento cost?

This question falls under the category of those rather hated and the answer is: It depends! You need to look at Magento stores a bit like buying a car. You can buy a cheap used Fiat from 2010, or invest significantly more in the latest Mercedes CLS. The choice, of course, depends on your needs, […]

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Satisfly Records a New 5-Star Rated Review on Clutch

With new channels, tactics, and platforms emerging daily, today’s digital landscape is constantly changing. A reputable e-commerce consulting company can assist you in determining goals, KPIs, and tips for utilizing a particular channel, such as SEO, pay-per-click, paid social media advertising, and much more. It doesn’t just free up your time – it gives you […]

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B2B E-Commerce – dispelling your concerns

Implementing B2B e-commerce can raise many uncertainties. It’s not surprising, as it’s a project that requires business owners to remodel their operations and enter an entirely new space. That’s why many B2B trading companies hesitate to start selling online; they don’t want to bite off more than they can chew. After all, their current business […]

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