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Provide your B2B customers with the service they expect. Gain the upper hand.

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A satisfying B2B purchasing process is the key to conquering the market. Are you ready for it?

  • E-Commerce B2B - omnichannel

    Merge two worlds

    Introduce a digital B2B platform to integrate your online and offline sales efforts. Don’t let the potential profit slip out of your hands!

  • E-Commerce B2B - efficiency

    Work smarter

    The automation era has come and it’s here to stay. Automate your workflow and reduce wasted hours for your employees. Get access to always up-to-date sales numbers by integrating your B2B platform with supporting systems, such as ERP, CRM or WMS.

  • E-Commerce B2B - expectations

    Meet the expectations

    Trust us, your B2B customers will surely fall in love with a functional and convenient platform. They expect a well-designed purchasing process that includes special price lists, terms of trade and quick bulk ordering

  • E-Commerce B2B - clients

    Reach new clients

    The pandemic has become a true catalyst for change in the B2B commerce. Don’t sleep on a chance to establish a new income stream! Your competition is already here. And you?

Marek Kich

B2B e-Commerce is accelerating

Going against the grain is getting harder – you can’t just ignore your customers’ expectations and the fast-moving market. A functional, convenient and modern B2B platform is a must if you want to grow your business.

Hard data

Numbers don’t lie:

  • 44%

    of B2B buyers go to
    a supplier’s online portal
    while searching for products
  • 49%

    of B2B purchases are now
    made online
  • 90%

    of buyers expect similar
    experience buying on a B2B site
    as they do on a B2C site

THE B2B FUTURE SHOPPER REPORT 2021, Wunderman Thomson

Why with us?

We are a highly experienced team combining tech, sales and marketing skills. This is the only way to lead clients to victories in the emerging B2B market.

  • Experience

    We’ve been working with ambitious brands since 2011! And we will not hesitate to use our extensive knowledge and experience to help you build something really special and lucrative.

  • Attitude

    Your e-Commerce agency should understand and carry out your business goals. Sounds like a no-brainer? Sure. Is it rare? Unfortunately, yes. And we at Satisfly believe it’s a decisive factor in the overall success.

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