Akeneo PIM

Product Information Management implementation.

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Akeneo PIM – for what?

For an online store with an ever-growing product database. When manual management just doesn’t cut it anymore. When you have bold plans for scaling your sale numbers and building your cross-border presence.

  • Akeneo - optimize

    Optimize your workflow

    Let’s face it – working with spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Manage your product information with ease using Akeneo PIM software. Help your marketing and customer service teams work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Use the full power of automation and integration with internal systems such as WMS or ERP.

  • Akeneo - sales

    Sell more

    Market research reports are unanimous. The richer and more accurate your product description is, the higher conversion rate you can expect. Give your customers an exceptional shopping experience regardless of sales channel and reach for more in e-Commerce!

  • Akeneo - development

    Develop your e-Commerce

    Are you aiming for international expansion? It’s a bold goal and we love it! But don’t forget about the huge job ahead of you: translating your product database to appropriate languages. That’s where Akeneo PIM comes in to save the day and help you reach more on the international market.

  • Akeneo - faster

    Work faster and easier

    Users love Akeneo PIM’s smoothness and simplicity which shorten onboarding time dramatically. Akeneo PIM lets you add new products quickly and keep your e-Commerce stock up to date. Time is of the essence in the fast-paced competitive online market.

Piotr Gawot

Product information is crucial!

Akeneo PIM works for big brands such as Flying Tiger, Fossil, Forever 21, Accor Hotels and Leroy Merlin. It’s not really surprising due to the fact that the software solves one of the most burning issues in e-Commerce.

Akeneo in numbers

It’s one of the most popular PIMs out there. Take a look at the numbers:

  • 500+

    enterprise edition customers
  • 80k

    companies in the open-source community
  • 160+

    partners across the world

How do we do it?

You can count on our full commitment right from the start. We will never promise you something impossible or unreal. No more unpleasant surprises for you.

  • Honesty is the key

    We never endorse a software solution against your best interests. Starting our work with a thorough analysis helps us in choosing the right way to address your business needs. And only then comes the time to choose between the free (open-source) or paid (enterprise) version of Akeneo.

  • Experience that matters

    We’ve deployed many successful Akeneo integrations and helped our customers in reaching their business goals. That’s how we know its capabilities and limitations.

Client feedback

  • “The intuitive platform has facilitated a rapid business expansion through reliable automation, thanks to Satisfly’s technical skills. The team’s proactive workflow, consistent communication, and impressive designs continue to drive success.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek CEO, DecoKing
  • “Satisfly has delivered a headless Magento shop with excellent speed and responsive design, which has helped increase conversion rate and achieve triple-digit growth. They follow an agile methodology and provide daily updates. Their keen understanding, commitment, and honesty are notable.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek E-Commerce Manager, Briju
  • “Both customers and employees have praised the app’s reliable synergy and intuitive UX/UI design. Satisfly’s impressive communication skills, industry-specific awareness, and seamless integration continue to promote efficiency.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek Director of Development & Technology, TIM SA
Case study - Carpeto PIM
Success story


Akeneo PIM implementation. Fully organized product information.

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  • What is PIM product information management?

    PIM is a multimedia database of all product information – images, texts, videos, parameters, etc. – available to the entire e-commerce ecosystem. This means that up-to-date, rich data is always available in the online store, marketplace, or ERP environment.

  • How to implement PIM ecommerce?

    It’s best to do it through an implementation agency, such as Satisfly. From the very beginning of our collaboration, we focus on full engagement – from both our side and yours. This is a proven recipe for success in any project.

  • How long does it take to implement PIM?

    There is no one answer to this question. At the beginning of each project, we conduct a technological and business analysis, which allows us to estimate the project budget. It depends on various factors, including the number of commodity indices, the complexity of their descriptions, and the structure of your e-commerce ecosystem.

  • Which e-commerce platforms do you integrate PIM with?

    Above all, with Magento, as this is the engine we specialize in. Magento can be implemented in a composable commerce approach, and as a result, microservices on the backend side, such as PIM ecommerce, can be integrated.

  • What PIM e-commerce solutions exist on the market?

    There are several noteworthy solutions, including the two most popular – Pimcore and Akeneo. At Satisfly, we specialize in implementing PIM solutions from the latter company.

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