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Portfolio - Clarena B2B

Project overview

Client Poplawska Group Sp. j.
Project E-Commerce B2B
Industry Beauty
Technology Magento 2 / ScandiPWA
Time to MVP 4 months

About the client

Clarena is a Polish cosmetic brand that has been present in the market since 2005. Their product range includes cosmetics tailored to various skin needs, professional cosmetic device Rubica, and other accessories from this category.

Project goal

The previous version of Clarena’s B2B store was outdated and non-intuitive, failing to meet the needs of the brand’s business customers. As a result, most orders were placed over the phone, leading to a significant burden on the Customer Service deparment.

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  • 2023

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    within our team

Reaching for more with Satisfly

The necessity to build a completely new Clarena B2B platform stemmed from the company’s growth plans. To acquire new customers and expand into international markets, the company needed to create a system that would allow for smooth development and the construction of custom solutions. Therefore, the obvious choice was to implement the B2B store based on the Magento 2 engine.

We were selected to carry out this project because Clarena recognized our dedication and willingness to answer any questions at a very early stage.

“Satisfly are undeniably experts in the field of e-Commerce, fully committing to their projects. Already at the stage of deciding on the agency, we noticed Satisfly’s readiness to cooperate and willingness to help on every aspect of this implementation.

Our project was conducted very diligently. All implementation stages were well planned, and tasks were estimated properly. Throughout this process, Satisfly provided significant support in solving ongoing issues and proposed future-proof solutions.

Thanks to the training conducted by Satisfly for our team, right after the platform’s launch, we could carry out independent activities, updating the offers and adding our own information to the website.”

Ewa Pyzik

Project Manager, Clarena

  • We began our collaboration with Clarena in February 2023 by defining the requirements and preparing lo-fi and hi-fi mockups for the B2B platform. When designing the new store, we took into account the planned implementation of B2C e-Commerce in the next step.
  • The work on the B2B store’s MVP version included setting up a new server for increased traffic and implementing an intuitive design to streamline shopping on the platform.
  • We also integrated Clarena’s B2B e-Commerce with the external ERP system Vendo and marketing automation tool – Synerise. This integration allowed the store to connect with the brand’s key sales channels.
  • On the Clarena B2B platform, we implemented Amasty modules to enhance promotional options, advanced cookie management, and a module for free gift promotional products.
  • To expedite the verification of new customers, we initiated integration with the CEIDG API, enabling automatic retrieval of registration data, thus streamlining the user registration process.
  • By limiting the scope of implementation to essential functionalities, the MVP version was created in just 4 months. In subsequent steps, this platform will expand with additional features and integrations.

Tangible outcomes

  • Fast MVP

    The client wanted to implement a new B2B online store in the shortest possible time to quickly relieve their internal Customer Support. By limiting the scope of the MVP implementation and involving the largest possible team, the platform was created in September 2023, after just 4 months of work. This allowed them to launch sales long before the intense period associated with Black Friday and holiday promotions.

  • Modern design

    The new visual identity of the store emerged after many hours of workshops and customer needs analysis. The result is a modern and intuitive B2B platform that enables efficient shopping while being consistent with the brand’s new visual identity. This allows Clarena to provide unified shopping experiences across all its sales channels.

  • PWA compliant

    To meet the requirements of mobile users, we implemented the B2B platform based on Magento PWA. This allowed us to create an efficient mobile version of the store that operates in any conditions and can be installed on the screen of any mobile device.

  • Designed for growth

    Clarena’s B2B e-Commerce was built in a way that enables easy development in subsequent stages. This means implementing additional custom functionalities, building a B2C store, or starting sales in international markets will not pose any challenges for this platform.

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