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Portfolio - Activeshop

Project overview

Client Activeshop sp. z o.o.
Project E-Commerce B2B/B2C
Industry Equipment for beauty and hairdressing salons.
Technology Magento 2
Extras Migration to Magento 2, integration with VENDO.ERP, advanced logistics algorithm

About the client

Activeshop was founded in 2003 and, after only fifteen years, has become the largest producer, importer, and exporter of products for hairdressing and beauty salons in Europe. It serves over 1,900 wholesalers and 200,000 customers.

Project goal

The dynamic development of the Activeshop wholesale business necessitated the implementation of a modern, efficient, and scalable e-commerce platform. The choice fell on Magento 2 – which meant migrating stores from the previous version to the new one. The biggest challenge was solving the logistics issue. The specificity of orders from Activeshop is the diversity of product sizes, dimensions, and weights. The lack of a shipping optimization system meant that money was leaking out of the entire process.

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Reaching for more with Satisfly

We had already been working with our Client’s company before, designing the first version of their website on the Magento 1 platform. The migration to the newer version was therefore a natural progression.

“Satisfly is a reliable implementation partner that helped us build a profitable e-commerce website. I particularly appreciate their collaborative approach, which was noticeable at every stage of our work together on the project.”

Paweł Perlik

Development Director, Activeshop

  • The first goal of the project was to migrate the store to a newer version of Magento. Within the company, there were two separate stores, so the decision was made to integrate them on one platform, using the multistore function.
  • The migration of the stores required a complete integration from scratch with the VENDO.ERP system for managing customers and products. The implementation was designed so that the Client practically does not need to access the Magento administrative panel – all data is in the ERP.
  • We designed a logistics module based on a special algorithm that calculates shipping costs and classifies products by transportation form (pallets, cartons). The system also takes into account products that require special handling or separate transportation (e.g. glass elements). Interestingly, the module has no limitations on the number of calculations – it can calculate the cost even for thousands of products.
  • We implemented an advanced pricing model that takes into account the B2B pricing policy in Activeshop. Customers are first divided into groups, and each group has a different percentage discount on goods. Additionally, each customer can have individual prices for specified products. At the same time, the customer group can have a different discount for these products. Individual prices have the highest priority, but are compared with the group price. If the group has a better promotion than the individual price, the customer will be shown the more favorable price.
  • Activeshop fully utilizes the flexibility and scalability of Magento, developing new features and business opportunities, such as export sales and return mechanism.

Tangible outcomes

  • Significant savings

    The logistics module brought Activeshop savings that translated into more favorable prices in the store. It’s also convenient for the end customer who always has a precisely defined form of transport and its cost.

  • Zero technical debt

    The new version of e-Commerce is free of technical debt and smartly integrated with the ERP system, ensuring a long lifespan.

  • Expectations met

    The implemented platform meets all the needs of the specific target group, which are B2B customers. And at the same time, it provides them with a friendly shopping experience.

  • Window to the world

    The multistore feature and support for multiple language versions open up paths for Activeshop’s international expansion.

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