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Portfolio rebranding - Ampak

Project overview

Project Strategic marketing
Industry Packaging
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About the client

Ampak provides packaging and containers for the gastronomy industry.

Project goal

After building a new Magento store, we proposed to the Client a brand refresh and the development of a new brand strategy.

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Reaching for more with Satisfly

We don’t focus solely on code, that’s why the UX/design team is always involved in the process. Thanks to this, we were able to propose a new approach to brand building for Ampak company owners. Miłosława Godowska (UX designer) and Adam Jędrychowski (Head of Marketing) were responsible for the implementation.

  • We started by analyzing the competition. It was crucial to understand the ways and channels through which brands communicate in this market. We examined four main competitors.
  • Based on discussions with the Ampak team and our own research, we proceeded to define the brand’s new Unique Selling Proposition (USP) along with a fitting archetype and a distinctive communication element.
  • Defining the brand’s foundations became the basis for creating a new color scheme and a refreshed version of the logo. The 3D effect was removed from the emblem, and the red color was eliminated from the brand identity.
  • We expanded the strategic document to include verbal communication. The brand received the claim “Pewności znak” (The Sign of Certainty), along with the slogan “Don’t worry about packaging” and a set of guidelines for effective communication with the target audience.
  • We enriched the brand’s new logobook with sets of original advertising creations utilizing the new copy, brand identity, and relevant photos.
  • To facilitate the Client’s team in adapting to the new reality, we prepared a set of graphic templates for social media.

Tangible outcomes

  • Modern look

    Ampak has gained a distinctive visual identity that aligns with modern branding standards.

  • Brand strategy

    The strategic document created by Satisfly serves as a compass for all future advertising activities.

  • Clear USP

    Developing a Unique Selling Proposition along with an archetype is a significant improvement in communication quality for every brand.

  • Different from everyone else

    By putting the customer and their pain points at the center, Ampak stands out strongly amidst the flat communication of competing companies.

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