Expansion into Poland

Expansion into Poland

Enter the thriving e-Commerce market. Sell more.

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We’ll handle all aspects, from cutting-edge technology, native payment system and efficient logistics to SEO, impactful marketing, and effective reputation management.

  • Expansion - save money

    Save time and money

    The search for and verification of partners for international expansion is always a lengthy and costly process. That’s why we have created an all-in-one solution, allowing you to establish partnerships with reliable and experienced allies.

  • Expansion - knowhow

    No more guesswork

    Entering a foreign market carries significant risk due to the information gap. Eradicate that risk by collaborating with partners who have an in-depth understanding of the Polish market. We know the Polish consumer. We are well-versed in Polish laws and economic conditions. We will provide you with our extensive know-how.

  • Expansion - partners

    Established partners

    At Satisfly, we bring you not only expertise but also a wealth of experience. We have successfully deployed intricate online stores for nearly 100 clients. Our partners in the Polish market boast a long-standing presence under recognized and esteemed brands.

  • Expansion - grow

    Grow and prosper

    Polish e-commerce presents a tremendous opportunity for your company. Polish consumers understand the internet and enjoy shopping online. Your brand will surely find its place in their hearts. All you need to do is reach out.

Marek Kich

It’s the best time to take action!

Scandinavian brands like Jysk, Ikea, and Lego have been available in Poland for years. Poles like them and trust them. And now, with the e-Commerce market showing tremendous momentum, it’s the best time to enter it.

Marek Kich, CEO at Satisfly

Polish e-Commerce market in numbers

Our internet economy is booming:

  • 36,5

    bilion euro projected
    market size in 2026
  • 86%

    internet users
  • 12%

    average y/y growth rate

Your expansion partners

Polish e-consumers have specific preferences. Favorite forms of payment and delivery. Brands they trust. Behaviors that we have become familiar with. Use our collective knowledge to sell in Poland!

We will
guide you

Expansion Partners
  • Expansion - technology


    We create and develop e-commerce stores integrated with your entire ecosystem. We work on Magento, an open-source platform for businesses selling in multiple countries simultaneously. Learn more

  • Expansion - logistics


    Global24 will help you handle the international logistics of your online store. The company provides complete fulfilment solution with cutting edge technology, fully adjusted for the specifics of the e-commerce businesses. Learn more

  • Expansion - payments


    Blue Media (soon to be Autopay) is a Polish technology and finance company founded in 1999 in Sopot. It was established as a joint venture between two students fascinated by new technologies, who are still in the company’s management (Andrzej Antoń and Konrad Kucharski). The mission of the new umbrella brand Autopay (which Blue Media is changing to) will be to provide a unique payment experience. To find a new level of convenience, intuitiveness, automation. The company’s services are used by 10 million customers and clients every month, and Autopay solutions and products have already been chosen by 35,000 companies in Poland. Learn more

  • Expansion - marketing

    Digital marketing

    Together with us you will build a strong brand on the Polish market. We are an agency based on data and modern technology. We will help you reach your target group and tailor your strategy to your business. We will guide you comprehensively through the world of digital marketing, from the strategy stage to content marketing, SEO and performance marketing. Discover PRO-class digital marketing. Learn more

  • Expansion - reputation

    Reputation management

    Acquire and manage customer opinions in your online store and Google. Transactional reviews and ratings are the best online marketing tool. With Zaufane.pl, you will gain the most of them! Learn more

  • Expansion - marketing automation

    Smart Marketing Automation

    Samba.ai is the first truly automated and AI-powered marketing platform which requires zero experience in online marketing. All you need to do is to connect your eCommerce store and let Samba generate new orders for you! Learn more

Hard data

Get to know the perspectives of the Polish e-commerce market. Read a report by an independent business organization.

Decade of Polish e-Commerce
E-Chamber Report 2023

Read more
Download report


  • What does Satisfly do?

    We are a technology company specializing in e-commerce. We build and develop online stores on Magento. As part of the Expansion into Poland campaign, we will assist you with everything related to the technological aspects of entering the new market.

  • Why not take advantage of solutions known in my country?

    The specifics of the Polish market differ from yours. Polish consumers, for example, are very accustomed to quick payments from well-known domestic operators. External providers like PayPal have never gained much popularity. The same goes for e-commerce logistics.

  • Among the Expansion into Poland partners, there is a lack of a service provider that I need. What now?

    Don’t worry. We will help you quickly find the right partner who will assist you in the specific area.

  • How does the settlement process work?

    For the services of each partner, you settle separately according to the agreed terms of the contract. We do not operate as a single entity.

  • In what language will we communicate?

    We all speak fluent English.

  • Why do you specifically target the Scandinavian countries with your offer?

    Scandinavian brands enjoy a high level of trust in Poland. Among consumers, they are associated with quality and reliability. We believe in your success in our market.