Plan for your e-Commerce

Our clients’ successes are not accidental. It’s the result of commitment, hard work, and a good plan.

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Our commitment

We are committed to achieving your business goals. We know the pain when an implementation partner is not really a partner. We will treat your investment as our own and realize it together.

  • Delivery - budget

    Safe budget

    We combine the flexibility of agile work with rigorous project budget control after each sprint. We seek savings and revenues, not additional costs. This process is 100% safe for the client.

  • Delivery - goals

    Your goals are our goals

    We do not implement e-Commerce for art’s sake, but to make your business earn more. This means full commitment, partnership, and honesty. We do not force any solutions against your will.

  • Delivery - transparency

    A clear picture of the situation

    You know exactly where the work is at. You have full access to the work log and receive detailed hourly settlements in real-time. Moreover, you can always check the code, as we can also work in your environments.

Delivery - team

Who fights for your success

At Satisfly, we rely on well-coordinated teams made up of seasoned professionals who fight together. This means that you will get a complete team of competencies for your project, who want, like, and know how to work together.

5 components of your success

Contact us – let’s talk about your project. You’ll get a piece of knowledge about e-Commerce and… our company’s honesty. We’ll tell you straight up what we think is the best solution, even if it’s not in our interest. What’s next?


Consultations and analytics

Well-conducted project analysis translates into its business success. On the one hand, it enables the control of key indicators such as scope, cost, risks, and deadlines. On the other hand, it ensures the implementation of a project that meets your actual needs.

During the so-called Discovery Sprint, we confront your business needs with possible solutions. We select tools, work on the backlog, determine the architecture, and mock up the most important user views.

Throughout the project, you can count on our consulting support in the areas of strategy, marketing, business, and technology.



We know how important it is for a digital product to be attractive while also being intuitive for the end user. In the design process, we also consider your competitive environment so that you can sit on the well-deserved throne of a leader.

  • UX workshop

    Discussion of the brief, defining personas, outlining the customer journey.

  • Analysis and research

    Internal work – analyzing the competition, independent research, drawing conclusions

  • Prototypes and hi-fi layouts

    Preparing wireframes and final page layouts..

  • Tests

    Internal and external qualitative UX research.


Project implementation

Your project will be assigned to a team that has already been formed. This way, you will be working with specialists who know how to work together and have experience in projects like yours. Being part of the team, we will meet on project chat, daily status or work planning more than once.

We divide each implementation into two-week sprints, so you can quickly verify the results and make key decisions on an ongoing basis. Throughout our cooperation, you have access to the same knowledge and data as we do, including the project code that we can maintain on your environments.



Along with the implementation, we work on integrating the e-commerce platform with other systems, such as ERP, WMS, or marketplace software. The result is smooth, automated business processes.

  • Intergration ERP


    We integrate the store with the ERP system to ensure a stable flow of transaction information.

  • Integration WMS


    We connect e-commerce with warehouse software to simplify logistics.

  • Integration marketplace


    Are you selling on Allegro, Amazon, or other marketplaces? We will design the integration of all sales channels.

  • Integration PIM


    Rich and up-to-date product descriptions in an online store are a necessity, which is why we will implement PIM, a special system for managing them, for you.


Maintanence and development

Implementing a project is not the end, especially when you decide to implement an MVP. Therefore, after production implementation, we work in the same mode and rhythm on the development of your software. We will also help you analyze user behavior so that the development plan provides as many benefits as the implementation itself.

In addition to software development, we also provide maintenance services. We will ensure that the production environment is stable, secure, and never becomes the bottleneck of your business.

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