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What more can we do for you?

Your online store doesn’t work in a vacuum. Its software ecosystem matters a lot. Let’s face the truth – literally every process in your organization can be improved through digitalization.

  • Web apps - WMS

    Warehouse Management Systems

    Modern logistics call for modern solutions that improve your workflow and allow you to plan and scale your operations mindfully. Let’s talk about your warehouse and stock issues and build a modern WMS together!

  • Web apps - PWA

    PWA mobile services

    Your web app doesn’t work well on smartphones? Or maybe you wish to build an advanced mobile service from scratch? That’s where we come in! Let’s build a PWA-compliant web app to win users’ hearts!

  • Web apps - e-Commerce

    E-Commerce web apps

    Product configurators, POS terminals, order management systems… the possibilities are endless. We will transform your vision into reality.

  • Web apps - integrations

    Advanced integrations

    Apps, services, and systems in your e-Commerce should work together smoothly and automate your workflow. We will connect them together to unleash your business potential!

Tomasz Półtorak

Unleash your business potential

Companies that have already undergone digital transformation are conquering the present market. They act faster. They are better organized. And finally – they save more money. Tailor-made apps are the gateway to unprecedented growth.

Hard data

Digital transformation is already here:

  • 34.3%

    now sell the majority of their
    products and services online
  • 70.7%

    of respondents agree that Digital Transformation is
    an essential part of retail technology
  • 82%

    of offline organizations has accelerated
    digital transformation due to COVID-19 pandemic


Why with us?

We believe in your business and we will not rest until our project is done. Our mission is clear – overcoming obstacles in e-Commerce.

  • Experience

    We’ve worked with many businesses helping them achieve more with tailor-made web apps. 100% of those projects have proven to be worthy investments for our customers.

  • Attitude

    Share your vision for well-organized processes in e-Commerce and we will suggest the optimal solution. Your business goals are what matters the most. It’s our creed.

Client feedback

  • “The intuitive platform has facilitated a rapid business expansion through reliable automation, thanks to Satisfly’s technical skills. The team’s proactive workflow, consistent communication, and impressive designs continue to drive success.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek CEO, DecoKing
  • “Satisfly has delivered a headless Magento shop with excellent speed and responsive design, which has helped increase conversion rate and achieve triple-digit growth. They follow an agile methodology and provide daily updates. Their keen understanding, commitment, and honesty are notable.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek E-Commerce Manager, Briju
  • “Both customers and employees have praised the app’s reliable synergy and intuitive UX/UI design. Satisfly’s impressive communication skills, industry-specific awareness, and seamless integration continue to promote efficiency.”

    Rating - 5 gwiazdek Director of Development & Technology, TIM SA
Case study - TIM
Success story


Tailor-made B2B app. Full e-Commerce integration.

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  • What is PWA

    It’s a modern philosophy of building web applications that significantly increases the end-user’s comfort. The three main pillars are: reliability in any conditions, full utilization of mobile device capabilities, and the option to install on the phone’s home screen. At Satisfly, we’ll help you move your e-commerce store to the PWA standard.

  • How else do you support your customers?

    Web applications are only one piece of the large puzzle that is digital business transformation. Our team has strong competencies to help you drive deep change in your company. With over a decade of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t.

  • Do you tailor-make custom web applications?

    Definitely. Besides implementing ready-made systems, we are able to create software from scratch according to your brief.

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