There are around 25 zillions of IT companies… more or less. Such a great number of competitors hit X-Coding IT Studio, when they entered the market in 2010. What could company do, with a little experience, a small team and a head full of hopes and dreams? Well, they asked us to make them fly.




Web Design



We had to present X-Coding IT Studio exactly as they were in that particular moment - professional, ambitious and willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Although they had a little experience, their technological background was pretty impressive. We turned it into the company's main advantage.

Drawings, details and sending the message

If you want to be unique, you cannot use the same stock photos as everyone. Knowing that, we started from a blank sheet of paper. Almost every view was designed individually.

The meaningful banners

Every headline sends a simple but memorable message.

The benefits behind the offer

We made the offer very detailed and focused on helping end customers.

The coolest story on IT market

X-Coding is agile-based company. We had a great time turning their cooperation model into a beautiful story.


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