Being a widely recognized display supplier in Europe, with more than 20 years of experience… Well, it means a lot. Sounds like it’s right about time to conquer the e-Commerce market. And so Unisystem did. And we’re glad we could be a part of it.




Web Design



The hardest thing was to combine all the ingredients to get a perfect recipe. It’s not that easy, with hundreds of attributes, complexity of the products, specificity of the market and so on. We had to design a perfect, eye-catching, functional, and for the most - enjoying customer journey.

The offer needs a special attention

Most of the e-Commerce platforms struggle with product description. It’s a huge mistake. We give the customer exactly what he needs.

Find the special one

You need to buy something, but the attributes overwhelm you? We changed the whole filtering functionality to help customers with this task.

This time the road is not winding

Sometimes an easy and transparent checkout
is enough to encourage the customer to
re-order. As always, we also worked on the
visuals in order to make it really good-looking.

Take a look

See website: