Rugged wanted to be… well, the best word is „different”. In the positive way, of course. Therefore, in 2016 they decided to completely redesign their e-Commerce solution. They came along with the design concept made by (in our opinion) a great designer. The graphics theirself were not only original, but suited them perfectly. And our job? We had to make them better.




Web Design



Rugged operates on the industrial automation market. Selling on-line to such customers is always challenging, since their age and habits. So the main question was - how to make Rugged outstanding and not to scare their customers?
Well, as it turned out, it is achievable. We combined contrasting colors, improved legibility and made the checkout process as simple as possible.

It's all about details.

Along with the general concept, we focused on every detail of the platform


Menu presents almost every accessible page of the website. It helps customers to find the product they need.

Premium product presentation

Rugged offers only top manufacturers' products. It means they deserve a great presentation.

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