The right shops need a right solution, even when it comes to designing a new look. The success of this project impinge two factors, design compelling eyes and convenience of the new platform we joined both and so created a new RGB Automation shop.




Web Design

RGB Automatyka



Look good and sell well are the main goals that we set ourselves. The work began with a joint meeting in which key decisions we have taken and divided the work of all the team members. Presented content, ease of use and dedicated, original look -these are the three main assumptions of the project.

Content over appearance

We know that automation specialists require perfect product descriptions, but less attention is paid to the visual sphere. Our project included a rich and clear description of the presented products. We have created a platform where finding an interesting description will not be the least problem.

Let us give a hint of character

Continuing the work of our designers have created a personalized icon, fit the nature of the whole project and is a key element forming the originality of the whole platform sales. We know that this solution will catch the eye of a potential customer and, more importantly, will help him find an interesting department much faster.

Take a look

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At the end we left the best, which is what Satisfly likes the most. We believe that „Fanni” our friendly robot will delight the visitors when unexpected situations arise.

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