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Portfolio - Poczta Kwiatowa

Project overview

Client Poczta Kwiatowa sp. z o.o.
Address https://www.pocztakwiatowa.pl/
Project B2C E-Commerce
Industry Flower delivery
Technology Magento
Extras Integration with ERP and logistics software

About the client

Poczta Kwiatowa ® sp. z o.o. started as a pioneer in the e-Commerce flower sales, and is now a leader in the flower delivery industry in Poland. The brand is recognized by consumers throughout the country. Flower Delivery enables flower delivery to any location in Poland in less than 4 hours and abroad to over 150 countries. The company sets floristic trends in Poland and has been recognized for the quality of its services with numerous awards and certifications, both consumer and professional in the e-Commerce industry.

Project goal

The client decided to change their e-Commerce platform to a more modern Magento. The main reason was the disproportionate cost of development for the previous system. Significant performance problems caused the site to frequently experience downtime. An additional motivation was the need to keep up with trends in modern shopping experiences.

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Reaching for more with Satisfly

  • We organized the joint project work in the form of two-week sprints, planned and systematically described by both sides. As a result, the Client was constantly well informed about the state of the work, which significantly facilitated the introduction of current changes and ultimately reduced the project costs.
  • In order to ensure maximum platform efficiency, we used a number of hardware and software mechanisms such as a load balancer, dedicated database server, and caching support, as well as advanced optimization mechanisms for HTML, CSS and JS code.
  • We implemented 23 dedicated modules, including integration with external systems, advanced product variants, conditional delivery date, and offer management.
  • We integrated the e-commerce with external and internal services such as the modular enterprise resource planning package and the company’s dedicated logistics software.

Tangible outcomes

  • Performance

    The new e-Commerce platform is highly efficient and can handle over 1000 concurrent users. This is crucial for the scaling of the client’s business.

  • Shopping experience

    Poczta Kwiatowa offers customers a wide range of order customization options to meet their precise requirements, both in terms of the appearance and properties of the product and the delivery date and method.

  • Smooth workflow

    Integration with the company’s business ecosystem – ERP, logistics system, payment gateways – has greatly facilitated work, while leaving plenty of room for planned growth.

  • Speed

    Thanks to its well-thought-out architecture and implemented mechanisms, the Poczta Kwiatowa website loads significantly faster than before, which positively affects both the shopping experience and Google algorithms.

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