When „premium” meets „industrial automation”, marketing gets a little tricky. Only true leaders are able combine technical data with visual aspects to make something really special. Elmatic is a global producer of industrial computer systems, and does a good job on the market. We added some „beautiful” to the equation.




Web Design




The variety of Industrial automation market makes it really interesting. But the presentation layer is almost always neglected. Our mission was to improve the visual aspects and make Elmatic’s computers eye-catching.

All those little details make huge impact

We worked hard on every single detail on the website. Every piece of graphics was designed individually. Just take a look at these icons!

Present it like it’s about torule the world

Turn on the lights, set the frame and the best angle, choose the best camera.
We got this!

Beautiful and functional

A good design is not only good looking. For the most, it’s useful to the customer.
We are really proud of the new hardware configuratior.

Take a look

See website: elmatic.net