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Project overview

Client FLHF S.A.
Address https://flhf.com.pl/
Project Improving the order handling process
Industry Textiles and decorations
Technology MySQL, Symfony 2, Dojo
Extras External systems integrations

About the client

The main area of activity for FLHF S.A. company is textile trading on the Internet. In the initial stage of development, the company built its sales solely on the Polish market, intensifying sales efforts through the Allegro channel. The experience gained in this way in the domestic e-Commerce market enabled dynamic development and the development of better methods for maximizing online sales. Today, FLHF S.A. is one of the leaders in the industry with many years of experience in the e-Commerce market. The acquired experience allowed the company to quickly implement the optimal sales model. As the company developed, it quickly became clear that the volume of orders, as well as the expectations of our western customers in terms of service quality, required the streamlining of the order processing process in the company.

Project goal

FLHF S.A.decided to cooperate with Satisfly (formerly X-Coding IT Studio) in order to focus efforts to solve the problems of handling the increasing number of orders. Taking into account the company’s growth and the investments made, we faced the task of designing a tool that would not only meet current needs but would also be prepared to maintain scale in the coming years.

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Reaching for more with Satisfly

In the mutual decision to collaborate, personal meetings and in-depth conversations played a significant role.

“Cooperation with Satisfly (then X-Coding IT Studio) started at an important moment for my company. In order to continue to develop, I had to take decisive steps towards building such an IT system that would automate as many customer service elements and sales processes as possible. As a result of the work carried out by the Satisfly team, it was possible to create a system that allowed for an increase in sales volume while maintaining constant employment and increasing the reliability of the handling process. Today I know that such a fast and efficient development of my company would be impossible without the specialists from Satisfly. Our cooperation resulted in a system that is easy for me and my employees to use, operates quickly and intuitively, and also allows for further company development.”

Paweł Sawicki


  • To increase warehouse efficiency, we redesigned the main business process, which together with supporting processes was based on a centralized order management system.
  • We decided to implement a dedicated software with the following configuration: MySQL database, Symfony 2 framework as the application engine, and Dojo Framework for the frontend. This configuration makes it easier to maintain high application performance and code clarity while still allowing for further system expansion.
  • It’s also important to note that Symfony 2 Framework has a large number of open extensions, which helped reduce the investment costs in functionalities that were not directly related to our client’s needs.
  • The entire communication with the backend was solved in an asynchronous way in the JSON format. Combined with the Dojo Framework, we obtained the most optimal web application for exchanging data and user-friendly for those operating on large data sets.”
  • The functional size of the application was so large that we decided to implement the system in stages so as to systematically relieve individual cyclical tasks performed in the company by the Falcon system. Thanks to the division, we were also able to effectively manage the project scope, adapting it to the current needs of the client. Naturally, the first and only constant stage of work was to prepare the database structure and basic functionality that was to carry out the business processes in the company in the future. This was also the most important stage, on which we based all subsequent work. Each production cycle was associated with delivering a full set of functionalities to the client that carried out a business step or supporting process. This relieved subsequent workstations as quickly as possible.
  • From the beginning of the project, one of the main requirements from the client was the reliability of the system. An advanced event logging system was necessary, based on priority levels and escalation. Archiving events and comprehensive data validation at each stage allowed us to quickly identify errors, address them appropriately, and take corrective actions. In this way, we reduced the reaction time to an outage to just a few tens of minutes, having complete information about the error even before it was reported by the client.

Tangible outcomes

  • Key integrations

    As mentioned, the application was a middleware that all external applications were connected to. The integration therefore covered all the key systems used in the company: Allegro, eCommerce channel, eBay, InsERT GT, DPD courier service system.

  • Full automation

    A fully automated business process consists of 7 steps, from placing an order to delivery.

  • Stability

    The system operates continuously (excluding planned maintenance breaks), and in case of failure, it collects differential data without duplicates.

  • Scalability

    The resulting system, whose performance can easily be increased with increased load. This is a gateway to dynamic sales growth.

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