#fit #BIO #healthy #unique #fresh #regional

Probably a few hashtags aren’t the essence of this platform, but it’s a good summary of what Cabas really is. The store was created for gourmets and lovers of healthy food. It’s one of the first websites, that brings local market stall sales to a larger scale.




Web Design




Our task was to create a design, that convinces the customers to buy fresh food online. Functional, eye-catching and bio-looking were the three main aspects we focused on.

See it on a plate

The store is filled with well served dishes. We are hungry everytime we visit a product page. Does customer need a better recommendation to buy?

Get more local

The key to successful sales here is connecting local marketers with possible customers. We enable them to meet through zipcode-segmented newsletter.

Even tastier

You’ve seen the product pictures already, but just look again. Fresh, local and without going to the store. Can’t wait for the dinner!

We discover new horizons

Besides products, Cabas provides us with useful information about cooking without borders. It’s always easier when somebody presents us the trick to combine something traditional with modernity.

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