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Portfolio - Rugged

Project overview

Client Elmark Automatyka S.A.
Project B2B e-Commerce
Industry Mobile devices
Technology Magento
Extras Sales strategy support

About the client

The owner of the Rugged brand is ELMARK Automatyka, a company that has been operating on the market for over 30 years, specializing in the sale and servicing of industrial automation equipment in Poland and other European Union countries. The Rugged brand focuses on mobile solutions, particularly for the construction, industrial, military, and law enforcement sectors where electronic equipment is used in harsh conditions and resistance to external factors is an important aspect. The attributes that characterize the products are their ability to function in extreme conditions and their compliance with protective standards such as MIL-STD-810G, ATEX, Anti Fog, and Anti-Fungus.

Project goal

The implementation and integration of the Rugged store were part of a larger strategic, organizational, and technological change within the ELMARK Automatyka company, known as the OPI operational project.

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Reaching for more with Satisfly

We were chosen to carry out the project as a team specializing in the target technology, namely Magento. Personal meetings and in-depth conversations played a huge role in the mutual decision to cooperate.

“The decision to implement a new platform for Rugged was driven by several factors. The most important of these is specialization in the field. Just like ELMARK Automatyka in its segment, we want to become a leading supplier in the market of reinforced mobile solutions. There is a huge gap in this area of the Polish market. Thanks to this, we can be a pioneering company offering users solutions from renowned manufacturers, with a much greater range of resistance to external factors. “

Marek Ołdakowski

Sales Director, Rugged

  • The initial phase of the project involved establishing an appropriate strategy for the Rugged brand. Our development department made sure that during the initial meetings, both parties addressed the appropriate questions and worked together to find the answers. Not only functionalities were important, but also the entire sales strategy and appropriate communication of competitive advantages.
  • Until now, no online platform from the ELMARK family directed sales beyond Poland’s borders. A well-developed entry plan, along with a description of the goals the company wants to achieve by making its range available abroad, was of even greater importance. This, combined with the profile of the standard customer, as well as the identification of the key advantages of the products offered by Rugged, allowed us to ensure that the work would follow the right direction.
  • We started the implementation phase of the project by identifying and improving the visual branding of Rugged. The main goal was to create an innovative and avant-garde look that would attract users and stick in their memory. As a result, practically all standard Magento shop engine views were designed and replaced, which is not a common practice. This approach allowed us to achieve a completely new shopping experience in this sector.
  • For the implementation of the project, we used a modified Magento engine for the ELMARK shop, which unified the management of the product offering and the image of both platforms. This is a very important aspect because it not only reduces the amount of duplicated data but also optimizes business operations and facilitates later integrations with the company’s internal systems.
  • Thanks to the previously implemented platform for and the capabilities of Magento, we were able to skip the stage of system integration and data migration. These stages usually constitute a significant part of the work on implementing an online store, which clearly reduced costs and shortened the implementation time of the system.
  • In addition to the functionalities inherited by the Rugged brand from the ELMARK store, we implemented a range of individual solutions that distinguished the store from the competition: individual purchasing process, new pricing policy, advanced content management, geolocation combined with user segmentation.
  • It’s worth taking a closer look at user segmentation. Shopping experiences and functionalities were differentiated between Polish and foreign customers. Thanks to this, the store could better adapt to the expectations of customers from different sectors. User segmentation will allow for a tailored offer to be presented in the future.

Tangible outcomes

  • More possibilities

    The creation of the Rugged platform and its integration with other Elmark environments has given the company space for development and international expansion. The removal of technological barriers means better and more efficient customer service, as well as the opportunity to scale the business.

  • Everything in order

    The implementation of and other Elmark platforms has enabled sales to be organized and integrated. Thanks to our cooperation, all environments and pricing policies of the company have been standardized.

  • Better customer service

    More advanced content management in the store and advanced customer segmentation mean that each customer – whether Polish or foreign – sees information tailored to them.

  • Fresh design

    Modifying the visual and UX standards of the Magento engine has resulted in an aesthetic and clear look for the entire store. Elmatic simply looks nice!

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